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Who is my board representative?

There shall be two (2) numbered Geographic Regions for the Cooperative, each of which shall be divided into four (4) Districts, and election of directors shall be by such districts, with one (1) director representing each District.  In addition, two (2) at-large directors will be elected, one (1) from each Region.  Directors shall reside in and receive service from the Cooperative at a location within the district (or Region in the case of at-large directors) they are elected to represent.  The geographic area of each Region shall initially be as set forth in the Plan of Consolidation of Southwest Iowa Rural Electric Cooperative, and revised as necessary by the Board of Directors.  The district boundaries shall be described hereafter in these Bylaws of the Cooperative and shown on a map of the cooperative service area, with such description and map maintained at all offices of the Cooperative and kept available to members.

                Region I shall consist of the former service territory area of Rideta Electric Cooperative, Inc. and Region II shall consist of the former service territory area of Southwest Iowa Service Cooperative, both as they existed at the time said cooperatives consolidated to form Southwest Iowa Rural Electric Cooperative.  Districts 1 through 4 shall initially be located in Region I and Districts 5 through 8 shall initially be located in Region II.  The Districts can be described as follows: 


District 1.

                Union County:  Sections 19-36 of Douglas Township, Highland Township, Union Township, Platt Township, and Grant Township.

                Ringgold County:  Sections 1-4, 9-12, 13-16, 21-24, 25-28, 33-36 of Lincoln Township, Jefferson Township, Washington Township, Liberty Township and Sections 25-36 of Tingley Township.

District 2.            

                Union County: Sand Creek Township, Jones Township, and Pleasant Township

                Ringgold County: Sections 1-24 of Tingley Township, Union Township.

District 3.            

                Taylor County: Eastern ¾ of Section 13, Eastern ½ of Section 24, Eastern ½ of Section 25, Southern ¼ of Section 35, Section 36 except the North ½ of the Northwest ¼ of Grove Township, Section 13-36 of Platte Township, Sections 1,2, Eastern ½ of section 3, Eastern ½ of section 12, Eastern ½ of section 13, Eastern ½ of section 24, sections 25, 32-36 of Marshall Township, Grant Township, Clayton Township, and Gay Township

                Ringgold County: Sections 5-8, 17-20, 29-32 of Lincoln Township, Grant Township, Benton Township, Rice Township, Poe Township, Clinton Township, Middle Fork Township, and Lotts Creek Township.

District 4.            

                Ringgold County:  Monroe Township, Athens Township, and Riley Township.

                Decatur County: Grand River Township, Decatur Township, Bloomington Township, Burrel Township, Eden Township, Woodland Township, Fayette Township, New Buda Township, Hamilton Township, and Morgan Township


District 5.            

North Border: Assigned Area of Service

South Border: Assigned Area of Service

West Border: U.S. Highway #148

East Border: Assigned Area of Service except areas specifically designated in District #3.

District 6.            

North Border: U.S. Highway #34 to U.S. Highway #71, J20 to U.S. Highway #48

South Border: Assigned Area of Service

West Border: U.S. Highway #71 to J20, U.S. Highway #59

East Border: U.S. Highway #148

District 7.            

North Border: Assigned Area of Service

South Border: U.S. Highway # 34

West Border: Assigned Area of Service

East Border: U.S. Highway # 148

District 8.            

North Border: U.S. Highway # 34

South Border: J20, U.S. Highway 48

West Border: Assigned Area of Service

East Border: U.S. Highway # 71


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