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Southwest Iowa REC purchases power from Central Iowa Power Cooperative (CIPCO), a generation and transmission cooperative. Electricity is distributed to your homes, farms, and businesses through a network of more than 2,500 miles of power lines reaching more than 6,000 service points. CIPCO uses nearly 60% carbon-free, emissions-free sources to generate your power. We also believe in being good stewards of our environment and looking for alternative solutions to meet your energy needs.


Single Phase <50 kVa transformers
 Availability Charge


 First 100 kWhs $0.1481 
 Next 800 kWhs  0.1299 
 Balance kWhs  0.0808 
 Heat Plus Rate (in effect Oct-May)  0.0600 


Effective - November 1, 2015 

Commercial rates vary.

Wholesale energy adjustment charge (EAC) is applicable to the above rates.


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