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Summer Peak Hours Energy Efficiency Tips

Peak hours are the busiest times for your local electric cooperative, since many people are using electricity at the same time.  In addition, it costs your co-op more to generate electricity when demand soars during peak periods – and the cost of your electricity also may rise.  Obviously, using less electricity during peak periods can save your co-op – and you – money.

Here’s how you can help during peak hours, which generally are on the hottest summer days between 4 p.m. and 9 p.m.:

  • Shift household chores and activities away from peak periods. Wait to run your dishwasher until you go to bed, for instance.
  • If you have air conditioning, turn the thermostat up when you are gone and at night.  Cool only the rooms that you are using.
  • Use the most energy-efficient appliances you have.  Your microwave oven, for example, uses considerably less energy than your stove or cooktop.
  • If you’re buying a new appliance, make sure you get a highly efficient one.  Look for “Energy Star” labels when you’re evaluating different models.

Be aware of your energy consumption, and try to get in the habit of using energy efficiently year-round.

Use the energy you need, but use it wisely! You’ll help your co-op avoid building expensive new power plants – and that, in turn; will help keep your electric rates stable.



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