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Project – All Southwest Iowa REC members will have their meter(s) replaced in 2019. 

When - The project is expected to begin in mid-January and be completed by August 1.

Why – Meters are being upgraded to the next generation to continue to meet our members’ needs.  The next generation of meters are capable of must faster communication and provide for real-time data delivery allowing us to use the data for outage management, billing, operations efficiency and SmartHub, which is an online portal that can be accessed by members to see energy use trends and to help manage energy consumption.  This generation of meter uses a similar method of communication like many modern conveniences, such as the Wi-Fi signal used in homes for wireless internet.  The new metering technology will help Southwest Iowa REC build for the future and meet growing member demands for a safe, reliable and resilient electric grid. 

Who – We have contracted with Allegiant Utility Services, Inc. to perform the meter replacements.

What to Expect – Members do not need to be present during the meter changeout.  If you have a separate heat meter located in your home, a meter technician will request to replace it if you are home.  If you are not home, Southwest Iowa REC will contact you to make other arrangements to replace the meter inside your home.  You will experience a short disruption of your power while the meter base is inspected and the new meter is installed.










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