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Cut Your Energy Costs in Half with an Electric Heating and Cooling System

Four Benefits of Switching to an Energy-Efficient HVAC Option
With the average homeowner spending more than $900 a year on heating and cooling costs, it’s worth finding ways to save on your energy bill.1 There are affordable, energy-efficient options available that will help lighten the burden on your wallet – and the environment.
“An electric heat pump is the most energy-efficient home heating and cooling option out there today,” says [First] [Last], [title], [CO-OP NAME]. “It can provide heat equal to three times the amount of electricity it consumes. Over time, this creates enormous savings.”
There are two types of electric heat pumps to consider: Air-source heat pumps use the temperature difference between outside and indoor air to cool or heat homes. Geothermal heat pumps take advantage of the earth’s constant temperature by circulating a water-based solution through buried pipes. Both options can help you cut expenses and save money, especially over the long run.
In addition to annual energy savings, the benefits of switching to an electric system include:
  • Comfort: Enjoy stable, reliable heating and cooling year-round – saving energy while leaving the thermostat set right where your family likes it.
  • Reducing your carbon footprint: Relying on your heat pump’s ability to recycle thermal energy rather than generating heat through combustion.
  • Safety: Rest easy knowing your heat pump produces no harmful emissions, eliminating the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, exhaust fumes or gas leaks.
  • Lowering utility expenses, get rebates: By reducing the amount of electricity you use to heat your home, you’ll also save on your monthly utility bill – and you can also take advantage of immediate rebates on qualifying equipment.
Many consumers wait until there’s an issue with their system to consider other options. “When your furnace or air conditioner fails, you’re likely to feel forced to quickly replace your equipment with whatever option is most readily available,” says [Last]. “Learning more about the variety of home heating and cooling choices before that happens makes the decision to switch a clear one.”
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